Morphic Graffiti, Part 42 and the fangs are on their way!

Time is literally whizzing by and it seems only fair that in a brief ten minute hiatus from the craziness of Bat Boy pre-production, that we should update everyone with a blog!

Since the show was announced on Halloween, the work load has shifted up several notches with incredible work going on.

Firstly, casting has now finished and we have an extraordinary bunch of people joining us on the journey. Full announcements will be made in due course but under the Casting Directorship of Will Burton we managed to cast this ‘beast’ of a show. Prior to auditions we had to go through the show working out who would play the myriad of characters and how we would ‘double up’ so that not only was every role covered but that we had time for actors to change and that each scene would still work! No mean feat when you have a limit on the cast size. Still, we have worked our way through the script and everything seems covered. There will no doubt be a few surprises but that is half the fun.

One of the most exciting parts of this week was knowing our Bat Boy (we will tell you all soon, we promise!) had been to have his teeth mould taken for his fangs to be created. Such an integral part of his character look, we knew he would need them from the minute rehearsals started. We also knew that sadly a pair of joke fangs left over from Halloween would almost certainly look rubbish! However, the experts are on hand and our Bat Boy will be so used to them by the time the production opens that we are convinced he won’t want to take them off!

As soon as our cast accepted their roles, Stewart and his wardrobe team had them measured and even started to fit the costumes for the show. Anyone who saw Carousel will have seen the huge amount of work that goes into our wardrobe sets! Bat Boy is no different although the style is much more modern with some wonderfully garish colours and fabrics to keep everyone entertained! Rarely have shoes of such bright colours and shapes been seen on the London stage! Currently Stewart is housing hundreds of component costume parts and is looking forward to December 1st when we move into our rehearsal space and he can move everything in to the annex next door!!

As well as costume, the set design has been to and fro between the venue and the set builders. Everything is looking good. It is going to be something very different to what people who know Bat Boy might expect (a good thing we think!) and will probably take our amazing team of painters about a week to paint it and finish it – but believe us when we say it will be worth it!

As director, Luke has been busy working on the script. Some changes to the previous productions have been made by the writers with some new changes going in (trust us they are brilliant!!).

Also, Luke has been drawing up lists of props and sound effects for the relevant departments. Although these will undoubtedly change and multiply, it is great to have a starting point for Stage Management so they have an idea. It also gives as much time as possible to find/make some slightly obscure props that the show requires. Fans of the show will know some of them, but we promise there are a many great surprises that know one will expect!

There are production meetings galore happening across all departments. Coffee shops are fast becoming the new offices!! Be it lighting, technical, wardrobe, set, sound, choreography, music – everything is going on. This is a brilliant period of time when the ideas and dreams of what can be achieved within the production are discussed and worked through. With so much technical work going on, this planning period is essential so that we hit rehearsals with the production in full flow ready to be built upon by the work that will take place in the rehearsal room and then during technical rehearsals.

It is relentless and brilliant and we are having a ball!! Book up now to avoid disappointment!!


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