Morphic Graffiti, Part 40 and the imminent project for 2015!

Well where has the Summer gone? I can’t believe it has been so long since the previous blog entry! Not that we have been sunning ourselves on holiday and putting our feet up (Stewart had a lovely time in Greece!!). Things at Morphic Graffiti HQ have gone a little crazy as we are looking towards future projects and working out our next steps as a company!

Firstly, we could not go on without thanking everyone who worked on, came to see and supported Carousel at the Arcola. What an incredible experience we had creating the production and have been overwhelmed with the response from audiences and critics alike.

One particular highlight was having Ben Brantley from the New York Times come and review the production. Ben was over reviewing London Theatre and asked to review Carousel. Here is a link to his review, but suffice to say the entire team were thrilled!

New York Times

After an emotional final performance where even the Director shed a tear (!) and many tears were shared all round, work began immediately to clear the theatre. 5 hours later and the Arcola was returned to her neutral state ready for the next production! It’s always a sad moment to look round and think that what was created will never again be exactly the same, in that space, at that time. But that is one very wonderful reason why we do theatre, I guess!

On that note, we had to share a photo of Team Carousel from the last day at the Arcola. A very special group of people indeed!!


The costumes have gone in to storage, the myriad of props boxed away and returned and the giant C structures of Stewart’s design currently create a steel arch in my garden. Not wanting to throw anything away, we believe in reusing and recycling as much as possible!
We have updated the Morphic Graffiti website to include updates to the Carousel page in our Production Archive. They include some ‘never seen’ production shots and a summary of the production and reviews. Take a look

So what is next? Well, we will shortly be announcing the first Morphic Graffiti project of 2015 and it promises something wonderful. We can’t say too much but it is coming in January (that really is not far away!!) and will be at a fabulous venue we have not yet been to as Morphic Graffiti. It will be the perfect, post Christmas theatre outing when the winter kicks in and Santa has been and gone! It also sees one very new thing for us. Ooooo…what could it be?! Pre production work is underway and we hope to be able to say what it is in a couple of weeks.

What we can say is that we are both very excited, and is a project that we have both wanted to do! As the company has grown, so Stewart and I wish to keep the scale of productions growing and maintaining the quality of each production. After a wonderful few months rehearsing and creating Carousel, we are our harshest critics and do not want to disappoint our loyal audiences. You will not want to miss it!

So this is just a teaser blog to remind you we are here and that things are, as always, going on behind the scenes!

Will tell all soon,

Luke x

Ps 40 blog entries!! That is a mini landmark! Here’s to 50 and then we may have some cake!!


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