Morphic Graffiti, Part 35 and seven hour pork!


Firstly, Happy Easter to all our blog readers. I have sat down post Sunday Roast of ‘seven hour pork shoulder’ (as good as it sounds!) and in my gentle food coma thought I would write an update.


If you follow us on twitter or facebook, and you definitely should (#carousel2014 and /carousel2014), then you won’t fail to know that we had our auditions for Carousel last week. Benjamin Newsome, our wonderful casting director, was at the helm and we were genuinely blown away with everyone that came to audition. Thank you to everyone who came and saw us, and thanks to Nathan and Rebecca for playing and reading for auditions.


We had a fantastic week with the creative team. Andrew Corcoran (MD) was on all things musical and had the difficult task of ensuring that the cast not only work as individuals but that as a whole, the complex harmony work in Carousel is fully achieved. Lee Proud and Anthony Whiteman oversaw the dance calls with Lee’s choreography pushing our auditionees to the max! The short excerpt was taken from June is Bustin Out all Over and my goodness, bustin out it certainly was! So much so one dancer popped out to be sick, grabbed a swig of water then threw themselves back in to the audition room like a pro.


With a huge selection of Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bernstein and Noel Coward being sung, the audition days whizzed by and left us with a very difficult chat at the end as to which casting direction to take. With the vocal and dance demands of the show and the complexities of the characters in the story, it is going to take an extraordinary cast to pull it off. We have no doubt we have found them and cannot wait to formally announce them. You will not be disappointed!!


Aside from the ‘glamour’ of casting, this week also saw Luke and Stewart sitting around the set model with Production Manager Thomas Moore to work through the logistics of Stewart’s design. This particular meeting was six hours long and fuelled with mini eggs and tea but each meeting is integral to understanding how the set and on stage action link together. Unlike any other Morphic Graffiti production, this is by far the most complex. Anyone who knows Carousel and the stunning opening to it (the seven minute ‘Carousel Waltz’) there are already a million and one things to consider, not least the Carousel itself! That is before we have involved any on stage action with the cast!


So you can see it’s a hectic but very exciting time behind the scenes. We are working closely with QNQ with some more marketing material which is coming out soon, as well as the very exciting Casting announcement. Everything on the physical production side (set, costume and props etc) is being budgeted and finalised with key set components being signed off for full scale construction! We have also been fortunate Thomas has created some CGI renderings of the set (very exciting and high tech for my little brain!) so we can see how the set model can actually be securely realised.


What we can say for now is there are a few surprises coming with this production, as promised! It wouldn’t be a Morphic Graffiti show without some twists and turns! I am desperate to show you some of Stewart’s designs but he will kill me so I shall just, for now, sign off and go back to my chocolate egg!


Happy Easter and check out our show website



 ps. Seven hour pork shoulder – the easiest recipe and the best results EVER! Two easy steps

1. Take a pork shoulder. Score the fat and season. In oven at 210 degrees for 30 mins. Cover in foil and bake in oven at 150 degrees for 6 and a half hours. Baste half way through. Perfection.

2. Book your Carousel seats before you forget!


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