Morphic Graffiti, Part 33 and Project X is coming….we promise

Can’t believe Christmas is over! Happy New Year to all the readers of our blog! It’s the 6th January. Everyone is back at work and feeling rather full of too much Christmas cheer. It may be the most depressing day of the year, but we thought we would put a spring in your step and enlighten you on what is going on here at Morphic towers and why we have been so quiet! So if you are work feeling a bit down in the dumps, sit back for a minute and see what goes on to get our next production (that we once only dreamed of) off the ground.

Although we have various things going on at the moment, we are aware that everyone wants to know what the next, big MG production is. For now, we shall refer to it as Project X (the announcement is coming but it’s got to be just right before we announce it!!) About five months ago Stewart and I sat down to make a concrete decision about the next show to follow on from Jekyll and Sherlock. We had been thrilled with the feedback from both and the reviews and audience responses were electrifying. Project X needed to maintain our production standards, increase in scale and also be of interest to our very loyal audiences and attract new people too.

Over the last few months we have had a huge amount of assistance to bring Project X to fruition and to bring a team around it that will make sure this is one of the theatre events of the year! With more meetings and emails than both Sherlock and Jekyll put together, the project is a significant step up from us and will be presented in the most perfect venue for our concept!
Right from the get go there was a title that we both adored as piece of theatre, as a story and as a perfect title to present on stage. Project X is a very well-known piece and, as such, is held in very high esteem by those who hold the rights, and rightly so (see what I did there!). Having met a very prominent figure in the world of Theatrical Rights at one of The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes! performances (who has helped us endlessly but shall remain nameless until we announce the project to avoid giving the game away!) we both got to thinking about whether we would be able to make this happen.

Several new aspects to producing have also arisen on this project that we have not really yet explored as producers but that are extremely exciting. With an increase in scale brings greater emphasis on marketing and press coverage. The venue we have chosen seats some 200 people and needs a bigger marketing campaign than we have used before. We are anticipating using an external Marketing company to assist us and also a press officer to aid them. The venue attracts the big guns when it comes to online and newspaper coverage and is essential for us to spread the word about Project X.

Undoubtedly there have been a lot of questions to us as new producers about how Project X will work and how we envisage the production happening. What we can say is that the piece will be very much as people know it, but with a definite Morphic Graffiti slant. As well as securing the rights, we have been talking to the venue, pulling together what is shaping up to be a rather extraordinary creative team, and starting to look at the marketing of the show and the production image. All this and then you add the budget which is being scrutinised on a daily basis to make sure everything is covered and paid for! It’s no mean feat.

Even though this has taken over our lives, we are still exploring a few other projects which will come to light in due course. We promise that the wait for the next announcement will be worth it and a ticket to see it will be an essential purchase in 2014!! Believe us when we say that we want to shout it from the rooftops but this extensive pre-production period is essential to get everything right. Our email account is gridlocked with very important contractual things although both Stewart and I cannot wait to get back on the creative elements of the show. Stewart is itching to get started on the set model and I cannot wait to sit down with the casting director and flesh out these wonderful and complex characters.

Last thing……in the spirit of all things Sherlock (what with our last production and with the new episodes on the BBC!) we would not be our cheeky selves if we didn’t leave you just the smallest of clues as to the title of Project X. But if you solve it, keep it quiet ;0)



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