Morphic Graffiti, Part 32 and the retrospective view.

Hello all! Apologies for a delayed blog entry. Hope our readers are all well and enjoying the sunshine! Please don’t think we have been sitting in the sun all summer – far from it! Things here at Morphic Graffiti are continually growing and developing. Things just take a little time before they can be properly announced!

So what have we been doing? Well, although we won’t mention projects by name (call it a superstition for us!) we have been having lots of meetings and drinking vast amount of coffee to discuss our next step as a company. Now that the dust has settled on The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes! it is the perfect time to take stock of the project and how everything went.

Working alongside the author of the piece (Leslie Bricusse) and working with him on changes was always a tremendously daunting prospect but proved a wholly rewarding experience for both Stewart and I, and hopefully everyone involved with the piece. The reviews and audience reaction were fantastic. Not only that, but the wonderful front of house team were happy to sneak in and watch the show again and again which is always a very good sign.

In retrospect, it was a huge undertaking with a set that had to fit seamlessly into a Grade 2 listed building, costumes being made from scratch, a cast of twelve with a script that had continual adjustments, puppets, magic tricks, a band of 5 and brand new orchestrations………what a list! But as we look forwards, there is definitely a sense of pushing the goalposts to what we can achieve. When we sat around and first talked about the music hall concept we had visions of Mrs Hudson being sawn in half and the puppets duelling on Reichenbach Falls. With grit, determination and team work they happened!

The puppet prologue on at Reichenbach Falls!

The puppet prologue on at Reichenbach Falls!

Since the production finished, we have sat with the different departments as is now customary, and debrief the project. What worked? More importantly, what didn’t?! For us this has been a useful tool in moving the company forwards. Bearing in mind this was our second project as a company, it is important that we learn as we develop!

We have also had the complex task of returning all the props that we used, sorting out the set in our workshop and cleaning the costumes ready for storage. It took around five hours to do the ‘get out’ from the venue and restoring it to its previous state, and then many more hours to send/drive/clean/dismantle/dust/repaint/store everything from the smallest top hat on the Moriarty puppet to the giant ‘SH’ Sherlock Holmes crest at the top of our purpose built proscenium arch.

So what are we looking at doing next? Well, it will definitely be something theatrical we can say that! We have been in talks about two very contrasting musicals and even a play (a Morphic Graffiti first!) Emails, proposals and site visits are all happening as we have the tricky task of finding the right piece and the right venue that can happen at the same time!. Both Stewart and I agree that all Morphic Graffiti projects must fit the brief that we set ourselves when we created the company. However, as with Jekyll and Sherlock, it must be something that keep our creative juices flowing.

We will keep you posted. All you need know is – it will be worth the wait!!!


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