Morphic Graffiti, Part 31 and the last Sherlock tonight!

So here we are, lunchtime on the 10th May. The last performance of The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes! at Hoxton Hall and the end of Morpic Graffiti’s second show. Wow! It seems rather incredible to think that the journey to this point has happened so quickly!

Apologies for lack of blogs, every waking moment has been spent on marketing the show, sending emails and chasing various bits and bobs that generally take up ones life during the running of a show!

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy, working on maintaining the show and ‘general managing’ it as the producers. Having been involved in the creative elements, the upkeep of the show has been paramount. Xye and the team (Chris, Ema, Jorja) have been back stage every show, dressing cast members into costumes and wigs and repairing the seemingly endless costumes that in such a fast paced, vibrant show will come under a lot of wear and tear. Even some of the cast have picked up a needle and thread to sew a hem or replace a button, so thank you all!

Xye and Stewart mending Signora Moriarty's big sleeves!

Xye and Stewart mending Signora Moriarty’s big sleeves!

The day to day running of the show is handed over to the cast, band and stage management team who have done an incredible job. Gemma and Camille have run the show like a dream, dealing with prop breakages, stroppy smoke machines and even a LED lamp that decided to not do as it was told and instead flicker like an 80’s disco light in lurid red, blue and green light!

Nathan and the band have performed brilliantly at every show. The occasional ‘dep’ (another musician who covers for one of the band) has come in and blended in with the sound beautifully so that even a perfectionist like me could not tell that someone was playing the show after such a tiny amount of rehearsal time. Thank you band for being brilliant and for improving your “oh dear” shout outs!!!

Whether large, or small, our audiences have been laughing and enjoying themselves over the past month and the feedback from them has been electrifying. Be it the magic, the puppets, the comedy, the band or the choreography, every component part of the production has been praised by audiences and critics alike. We had no idea some 8 months ago if the piece or the concept we had would work, so to see it brought to life has been incredibly rewarding.

Our beloved 'Mary' the skeleton from the brilliiant 'morgue' scene

Our beloved ‘Mary’ the skeleton from the brilliiant ‘morgue’ scene

Tonight is the final performance and then the infamous ‘get out’ where the set, props and costumes all get cleared from the venue. It is a horrible job as whenever you reach a last night, you know that the production, at that venue, will never be performed in the same way again. But, theatre evolves and we have had a fab time at Hoxton Hall and could think of no better venue in the country that we could set this particular version of The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes! (Must give a quick shout out to Michael, Rob and the entire Front of House team at Hoxton who have been amazing!!!)

On a personal note, it has been an amazing journey thus far. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have worked with and met some incredible people these past 8 months of this project. Not least working with the show’s author, Leslie Bricusse, has been incredible and a relationship Stewart and I hope to continue as Morphic Graffiti expands. I must also say a huge thank you to our sensational creative team and to our cast and band, for embracing the crazy world of Music Hall and letting Morphic Graffiti do something just that little bit different!

Stewart's original set model now realised at Hoxton Hall!

Stewart’s original set model now realised at Hoxton Hall!

As with Jekyll and Hyde, the question I am asked more than ever at the moment is ‘What’s next?’. The answer is definitely ‘something!!’ so watch this space. Morphic Graffiti is a labour of love and Stewart and I want to learn and grow from every production we do. We have already de-briefed with our Technical Manager Sharon and will do the same with all departments to make sure we absorb everything we can from this experience. They say you only learn by doing, and believe me we have learnt so much!

One more tonight then!


Luke x


One thought on “Morphic Graffiti, Part 31 and the last Sherlock tonight!

  1. What an achievement, you fabulous people! Have fun tonight, and good luck returning to normal breathing pace, eventually;-) Respect!

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