Morphic Graffiti, Part 29 and an appearance by a seagull.

So it’s nearly bed time on Monday of our second week of rehearsals and ….wait! what!! Week 2?! Where on earth did week one go? Time is flying by here in Sherlock land. But everyone is working at a pace and pushing themselves in every way possible to get the show ready for our opening night on April 10th!

Where to begin with the workload! Well, let’s start with all things design based. Costume fittings are becoming a daily thing with some stunning work being built from scratch. I’ll admit I was surprised to see Nicola in an entirely cream ensemble, and was then told this was the basis for the costume to make it fit before the actual fabric was cut and stitched! Makes complete sense now I know but for a second it seemed that Stewart had missed his own design brief of ‘colourful and vibrant’.

I was very lucky to pop down and see Stewart, Mike and Gareth at our workshop and, yes, I even picked up a paintbrush and aided in some scenic painting! The set is looking beautiful. Some extremely clever touches going in (I would like to note that I painted the sign to 221b and no it wasn’t on the Baker Street front door!!) and Chrissie, Lizzie, Nik and all the team working on it are truly talented individuals. My favourite bit so far is the seagull (Sherlock, Mystery, London, Seagull ????????)

Meanwhile, back at Hoxton Hall, not even a day away at a different venue, to allow Downton Abbey to film, has stopped the incredible amount of work being done. Lee, Anthony and Nicola have been drilling the dance steps with some quite astonishing results. I don’t think our cast knew quite what they had let themselves in for before we started! The music, the choreography and the cast are really starting to have fun with this crazy ‘Music Hall’ setting and this will grow and grow! Our aim is to have a very rough stagger through by the middle of rehearsals. Oh crikey that’s next week!!!!! AArrgghhhhhh!!

A special mention to Caris and Ina our Stage Management team who have been running an extremely tight ship. They are both exceptional at what they do and, like everyone, have thrown themselves into the project head first. Last week we asked to start looking into Moriarty’s sword stick so that we could find one in time for the show. Less than twenty four hours later we have a replica of the one used by Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter as a ‘rehearsal prop’ and not only that, but a fully operational violin for when we get to it!! I wish I could get that organised.

We are loving being at Hoxton Hall for rehearsals. I find myself popping into the theatre for a minute or two on a break just to work out something or imagine a moment. Anyone who does not know the venue, it is simply stunning and the second you step inside, you really feel something unique and heart warming. I’m not going to lie that the time we have for the ‘get in’ (when all the technical bits and set arrive and get put up) is probably going to raise my blood pressure a little as everything comes to fruition, but we aim to be as ready as possible when we leave the rehearsal room in three weeks time (gulp!!)

Talking of rehearsals, here’s a few pics from week 1 at Hoxton Hall:

A bit of musical note bashing!

A bit of musical note bashing!

Now what do these two have to do with Sherlock Holmes?!

Now what do these two have to do with Sherlock Holmes?!

Yes that will be our Sherlock and Watson and yes it will be a very..serious..piece ?!?

Yes that will be our Sherlock and Watson and yes it will be a very..serious..piece ?!?

There is something so fascinating about taking on a piece that is not ‘set’ out with beautifully arranged scores and scripts all ready to just ‘stage’. Even now, things are being tweaked, reworked and crafted. Be it a costume design, a staged moment, a character’s thought or even the logistics of how a huge bit of set is meant to clear in four seconds, there is never a dull moment. With everyone working the find the best in every moment on stage and to make this show the best it can be, it is an incredibly exciting time and with that I shall say bon nuit!

P.S (As I drift off to the land of nod, don’t forget to book your tickets early to avoid disappointment!) x


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