Morphic Graffiti, Part 27 and rather a lot of meetings!

It’s blog time again. Another little update into the world of Morphic Graffiti and the work going on behind the scenes with The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes!

The themes this week are “the meeting” and “the endless coffee pot” as we catch-up with the incredible team behind the project. I think I may be a caffeine addict (he says with a rather large Americano to his left as he types and sweats at the same time!). The show has so many component parts simultaneously running alongside each other that, as producers, we are keeping everyone in the loop as best we can!

Last week was audition week with auditions being held at the gorgeous Hoxton Hall. Thanks everyone involved. It was an epic week and we were blown away with what we saw (at one point nearly literally when one performer pulled out a toy pistol in his audition). Many who came had never seen the hall before and could not believe that such a stunning venue was ‘off the radar’. We very much intend to put that right!

Full casting will be announced in due course as Anne ties things up (rather spectacularly – thanks Anne!) but know that the cast is shaping up to be something rather special indeed. We had a dream and that was exceeded and then some by the extremely talented ladies and gentlemen of the British stage who are on board! Keep posted.

So we are now into February and by our Sherlock calendars, everything is Go Go Go!! Having just come from a marketing meeting, our strategies are in place. We have some cheeky surprises coming so get booking now! We open in 9 weeks (oh crikey!) which feels like forever away, but believe me it isn’t!

Another job this week has been to start pulling together information for the programme. I could not believe the number of names working on this project already. It is well over 30, all of whom are at the top of their game. In fact, I will see if we can’t do a little ‘expose’ on them for this blog and the facebook page so you can get a real feel for the show from their points of view!!

The set design is in the process of being signed off, materials being ordered and our scenic artist team are itching to get their hands on it. Costume makers are being given fabric and designs with strict instructions to not let the cat out of the bag. One costume is being made in such away that it will literally leave the audience in awe. I would love to write about it, but Stewart would then have to kill me – it’s that top secret!!
We have a new member of the production team, Billie Achilleos, an absolutely stunning designer and creator of puppets. She and her team are working on some sequences for the show that will be taking the Victorian theme to a whole new level. We hope to have some photos soon of the puppets to show you the incredible detail of Billie’s work.

With regards the actual show, we are still exploring moments and working with Leslie Bricusse on the new material that is being added. The brand new songs by the Oscar winning composer/writer work beautifully with the existing material and it is incredibly exciting for us as such a new company to be working with Leslie.

Stewart, Lauren (our marketing manager) and I have been submerging ourself in the crazy and varied world of the Great Detective and even managed a little stop off at the Sherlock Holmes Museum:

What was that show we are doing Stewart?

What was that show we are doing Stewart?

You can probably tell by my tone that I am getting just a little bit excited (and believe me it takes a lot for that to happen) but it is so humbling to be seeing the work in every area to make the show the best it can be. Yes its nine weeks away, but this is my elbow giving a gentle nudge. You will not want to miss it!



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