Morphic Graffiti, Part 26 and the dancing mice!

It’s time for another blog update! Where are the weeks going? Not that we are counting but we open in 11 weeks! Sounds like plenty of time but, with the number of different production elements to balance at the same time, it really isn’t! Mind you, when does any production ever have enough time? So on that slightly calming thought, I shall give you a little update.

Casting is imminently imminent. Anne is doing sterling work organising auditions and assisting us with the mammoth task of finding our cast. Not only are we bringing this brand new Sherlock Holmes tale to life, but we have the added complications of being set in Victorian Music Hall where the term ‘Variety’ was very much born. Cue the all dancing, all singing, magical, acrobatic actors who can take this piece to the next level and create something very special indeed! We are so excited by the response and cannot wait to find our cast. If it is anything near the standard and talent that we were blessed with on Jekyll, we will be in safe hands.

Talking of dancing, I should mention on here that Lee Proud is choreographing the show for us. Lee’s credits include the sensational Mack and Mabel at the Southwark Playhouse last year and we are beyond thrilled that he is going to be on board HMS Holmes!

The music department continues on with some incredible work behind the scenes. We are sourcing some amazing costume makers to bring Stewart’s designs to fruition. If I was to describe the costume designs in 2 words they would be ‘fantastical’ and ‘intricate’. I shall see if we can get maybe an image or two on to the Facebook page ( – please like!) In some ways the traditional world of Sherlock Holmes is there, but with a suitable Victorian twist!

Talking of the Facebook page, we have already a clue as to the set design that is going on. More will be given as we get closer to April 10th (gulp!) I saw the set model up for the first time two nights ago (it had previously been in basic white card format) and it is looking beautiful. However, unless we cast mice to sing and dance on it, the set model is only the start of the set journey. As we head towards the end of January, the set model is going to be drawn out as 2-D plans ready for construction. We also have to work out things like storage, weight of the set, props, supports….the list is endless! Hoxton Hall is a Grade 2 listed building and as such, NOTHING can be drilled, stapled or screwed into its historic structure. A set designers dream eh Stewart?!

As we move into February we start to push more of the marketing ideas that we have been developing. We plan to spread the word that Sherlock is coming to Hoxton in a variety of ways, some very obvious, some (in keeping) are a bit mysterious and some are downright bizarre (in a very Music Hall kind a way!!) This year is the 150th Anniversary of Hoxton Hall. It was designed and built specifically as a Music Hall so to be bringing this type of production feels even more special.

As well as the physical production, we are forging links within our Morphic Education strand and looking at linking the history of Hoxton and its Music Hall heritage with young people in the area. Hopefully, by the next blog we can bring you more info as Morphic Education is still in its infancy but will become a very important part of what Morphic Graffiti does.

That’s about it for now. I won’t bore you with the lesser interesting things like organising Insurance, budgets and light bulbs! Oh the glamour! I’m off outside to play in the snow!



Morphic Graffiti, Part 25 and the Magical Wizards of Hoxton

So Happy New Year! (he types on the 11th January) when Christmas and New Year seem forever ago and we are all back to work! I hope that all our blog readers had a chance to enjoy something of the festivities. We certainly did here at Morphic Towers with some very lovely friends purchasing ‘Sherlock Holmes’ inspired gifts. I can’t think why?!!!

We wanted to start with a quick thank you to Mark Shenton who put Jekyll and Hyde in his theatre highlights of 2012 in The Stage. We were so chuffed to be mentioned. A great end to an incredible first year for Morphic Graffiti. Thank you all for the continued support.

Anyone who has seen our Facebook group yesterday will have seen that the marketing material arrived. We are now officially on paper. Woop woop! A massive thank you to Tony at Paper Hat for organising our printing. These will start to be distributed around Hoxton and other areas (basically anywhere where they will have us) so look out for them!

Talking of Facebook, we have a new look Facebook page devoted to Sherlock. The computer whizz Steve Coats-Dennis is in charge of this (and our twitter feed @sherlockhoxton)  and has created a purpose built page for all things related to the production. Don’t panic – the website and the blog will all continue as normal, but we now have a dedicated resource for videos, photos and all the goss on getting the show up and running!

Check it out and click ‘LIKE’ to join in all the craziness that is coming:

So what else is happening? In a huge first for Morphic Graffiti we have, on board, a genius in the world of magic. Thomas Moore (hereafter referred to as wizarding royalty or his proper Victorian name of ‘”Ingenieur de la prestiditation) is our Magic Consultant and is bringing the realm of Victorian magic and stage craft into the show. Thomas has worked around the world bring illusions to crazy ideas to life and after our very first meeting has incredible ideas for The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes!

What is really exciting with regards the magic, is the planning behind all the tricks. Thomas has taken the ideas and is working with Stewart’s design to create the maximum impact and illusion. When you come and see the show and think ‘how did they do that?’ you will know that that one moment has been months in the planning!! Unfortunately I cannot divulge anything whatsoever connected with the tricks. One, it would ruin the surprise and two, even the producers don’t quite know how they happen. But be warned, they are going to be incredible!

As with Jekyll and Hyde, music department meetings are continuing with plans in place for the new orchestrations and the overall ‘sound’ of the show. We have a five piece band and are working on creating a distinctive Victorian feel that brings Leslie Bricusse’s songs to life. What with the music and now the magic elements, we are certainly getting closer to our “More Victoriana Than Prince Albert Could Handle!” that is our tag line on the poster!!

What else to fill our blog readers in on? So much! Casting is in process. Anne Vosser is working her magic and in charge of helping us cast Sherlock Holmes. We are thrilled to have her expertise on board to help us find our cast of twelve. Auditions are taking place right at the end of January but the response to the casting breakdowns has been very exciting indeed and thank you anyone and everyone who has expressed interest!

We are on the right track! Plenty still to do and lots of hurdles to jump but we are incredibly excited. So much is happening and soon we will have visuals to show and maybe even a video or two. Spread the word that Sherlock is coming to London!! #SherlockHoxton