Morphic Graffiti, Part 24 and the World’s Greatest Detective comes to London!

So here we are, after four months of planning and pre production, more
meetings than we ever thought possible and one very VERY exciting
collaboration that has got us to this point. The next Morphic Graffiti
production is ready to be unleashed!

First peak of our new poster!

First peak of our new poster!


Written by legendary writer of Stage and Screen, Leslie Bricusse, this production will feature brand new, never before heard material. We are so excited by the work happening behind the scenes and over the next few blogs we will fill you in with all the details of the
work that has gone on up to this point, how Leslie Bricusse has come to be involved in this unique 2013 production and how we plan to bring the World’s Greatest Detective to the stage.

You may have seen the teaser page on the front of our website. For those that have worked it out, congratulations! For those not sure, the clues were as follows (a woman holding SHERry, a padLOCK, a rabbit HOLe and lots of M’S!!). There will be plenty of clues and mysteries to unravel as we head towards opening night on the 10th April 2013 so keep checking back!

For those who saw Jekyll and Hyde, or for those who could not get
tickets, this is going to be very different in so many ways but with the
same love, care and attention poured into it. Like Jekyll, we have some
extraordinarily talented people on board on the creative team, a few new
faces and some familiar names(all will be revealed in due course!)

Meetings with creative’s are regularly taking place, set designs are in
the process of being turned from drawings into 3D models, costume
fabrics are being sourced, marketing strategies being drawn up, piles of
research are growing, emails are zipping backwards and forwards, and now the production artwork is ready to show the world!

We even have a tiny Morphic Graffiti construction studio to build the
set in!! Our empire is growing!

The future is looking really exciting and we will keep you posted. Now
that we are in a position to open up to the blog reading world, we will
not hold back! Something very unique and ever so slightly off the wall
is coming to a theatre in London in April 2013!!

Watch this space!


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