Morphic Graffiti, Part 23 and the complicated pre production stage begins!

Where has this year gone? What with the Jekyll & Hyde, the Olympics, the Paralympics and the amazing party spirit that enveloped London, it has been a while since we managed a blog update!
That is by no means to say that we have just put our feet up and spent the summer waving our Union Jacks. (We very proudly did that between picking up scripts and progressing forward with all things Morphic Graffiti!) 
Since our last blog, Stewart and Luke have been busy talking, planning and setting all the pre production balls in motion for the next Morphic Graffiti project. 
Although we are itching to announce the next show, it really is true that the best things come to those who wait. So hang on in! We are just finishing finalising both piece and venue, the creative elements are coming into play, the budget work is settling and the plan is well and truly in motion.
We have spent many hours sitting down with the script and starting to analyse the concept we have for it.  These early discussions have allowed us to iron out any huge glaring issues and start to get very rough, general ideas with the piece before we bring in the full creative team. 
From the experience of doing Jekyll and Hyde, this approach means that we have a basis with which to work in a much more focussed way. The new piece promises to be very different, very exciting, and brand new in places but with one very big link to Jekyll and Hyde,  hmmmmm, we can hear your brains working!
As well as the physical show, we are currently heavily focussed on ten marketing of the next piece and how we get our audiences to flock in their droves!  The poster design is already on draft 84 and still the ideas are flowing. Tag lines, poster blurb and production image are integral!
The analysis of the tickets sales from Jekyll & Hyde have allowed us to step up a notch within the marketing of the piece. With the project we chose and the phenomenal response to the production, we did fantastic business. But that was then, this is now. We have a new piece, a new audience to attract and a standard to maintain for those that saw the last piece! Crikey! No pressure!
So don’t fret that you have not heard from us for a while. We are busy behind the scenes and planning like crazy so that 2013 will be full of lots of Morphic Graffiti surprises!!
Check the website soon for a sneak peak of the next show. It’s sure to keep you guessing!


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