Morphic Graffiti, Part 22 and the hunt for a venue!

It has been a few weeks since we updated the blog so even though we have no major news, we thought we would update with what has been going on in the world of Morphic Graffiti, and how the crazy world of creating theatre has been taking over our lives since Jekyll and Hyde finished!!

So what is the next piece? Still this question is being asked. It would be a lie to say we have no idea now. There is a few key pieces that have managed to find us and whet our appetite to bring them to life on stage. But there are a million and one things to consider before we can even start to think of the fun things like casting and costumes!

Stewart and I have been site visiting and emailing venues for weeks. Some venues are incredibly helpful and excited by our work, some venues are not even finished but are hugely exciting prospects for the future and there is even a venue where the person in charge of programming got so excited he quoted hiring costs that exceeded the income we would make if we sold every single seat in the place! We must give a shout out to Jez Bond and all at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park. Scheduled to complete in December this year, the venue has a 90 seat and 200 seat venue. Walking around in a hard hat and flourescent jacket, it was amazing to see the site and to visualise the venue in 6 months! Good luck to all over there!

We have had a lot of fun looking at theatres and seeing the size of venue that Morphic Graffiti can expand to. While we realise we will never find THE perfect venue and will have to make a sacrifice here and there, it is still incredible to see the variety of fringe/off west end venues in this fair city of ours! There are so many decisions and questions to consider in just the venue alone (before you even consider the piece going in!) Is it near to a tube/train station? Will audiences make the journey to see this piece? What types of productions have worked in the venue before? Does the hire of a particular venue fit into our budget? How will we get the set in? Where would a potential band go? What’s the stanard ticket price? Aaararrggghhhh!!!

One of the many positive repsonses to Jekyll and Hyde was how Stewart used the Union Theatre to its full advantages, using the dark underground arch and making the set an extension of this. Artistically, the venue can have a huge impact on how an audience interprets a piece. Had we used a modern, purpose built theatre for Jekyll, would we have lost the atmosphere of damp open bricks and the rumble of a train overhead? In fairness, probably yes! Just a little bit!

The importance of the venue is crucial for us. We don’t want to make the wrong decision for a piece and lose out on the creative plus points. At the same time, the figures need to add up! It’s a daunting challenge and one that we have talked about for hours and hours. Ultimately, wherever the next piece is located, you can bet it’s going to be amazing!!

So what is it?! Well, that brings on the next huge challenge of securing both the rights to a piece and the venue that you want said piece to play in. It’s a huge balancing act as you wait to see if the project will be agreed, if the venue will be free when you need it to. It’s all a bit up in the air but when these two vital components land, then we will raise the roof and tell everyone alll about it!!!





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