Morphic Graffiti, Part 21 and the journey forwards

So we finished and, unfortunately, the huge amount of work involved in finishing the run and clearing everything out of the Union meant that I did not get to write a blog update before Saturday night!! As I write, 80% of the show has gone where it needs to go. Only half a costume set and the odd prop adorn my lounge and a few spare lights await delivery in Tooting. It has been a massive task but one that has run surprisingly smoothly.

The last Saturday night show (which I’ll come on to later) finished and within minutes Cat, Danielle, Katherine, Stewart, Luke (eventually!!), Kingsley and Gareth descended on the Union like a hawk. With a large van outside ready to load up and a plan of action, we stripped, unscrewed, folded, swept, stacked, packaged, and generally cleared the venue. The set was first in as sections are being used for a production of West Side Story in Swindon, followed swiftly by everything else. Costumes that are being kept were stored and have since been washed and vacuum packed for storage. It’s such a glamorous job this producing business!!

With everything (and we mean Everything!!) in the van, the last job was to paint the floor back to black and bid the Union farewell. All by 3am! Not bad going at all considering the enormity of the task.

But don’t worry that we missed the after-show party! After the final Thursday night show we had drinks and nibbles at Dr.Ink in Southwark. A chance to let the booze flow and celebrate!!

So now that the mechanics of the show have been sorted, Stewart and I have taken five minutes to stop and take stock of the last six months of our lives! It feels like years but actually it was the middle of January when we signed for the rights to do the show. Watching the final Saturday night and seeing the audience rise to their feet made us both feel incredibly proud. The show grew and developed over the month of the run in ways we never thought possible, with so many incredible layers of detail and characterisation that I strongly feel defined the piece.

But, if Morphic Graffiti is going to expand and grow, we must keep momentum moving forwards. We met up with Dean yesterday to debrief from the show and start the process of heading towards the next project. Ideas are flowing and venues and scripts are actively being explored. Thanks for the ideas that have come forwards but no I’m afraid we can’t do Chitty Chitty Bang Bang just yet!!!

It felt very strange and very exciting being back at the Royal Festival Hall chatting about the next piece, when this was the place we first met up to discuss forming a theatre company. It must be the positive vibes coming from the building that made us jump into this with both feet!

As well as planning, Morphic Graffiti are involved with some upcoming theatre workshops which we will keep you posted about. 




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