Morphic Graffiti, Part 19 and the arrival of a Legend!

Week four of Jekyll and Hyde performances! After another sell out show last night, and a lovely audience response, it got me thinking about the journey of the last 6 months that has got us here. The sleepless nights, the worrying, the initial panic signing the agreement for the rights to actually do the show! But more importantly the many more positive aspects that are making this whole experience so incredibly worthwhile!

Where do we start with the positives?! There are so many! The cast, crew and band have all been fantastic and have thrown themselves head first into the project and continue to deliver the goods night after night. The feedback on lighting and projections has been glowing and just the other night a moment of complete genius happened when the sheer genius and subtlety of Cat Webb’s lighting design came to the forefront when yours truly (having watched the show more times than most!) realised that not only was the lighting brilliant but in one moment, it even managed to echo the two faces of the production show image! That moment was spine tingling!!

As with any show, things develop and grow. Wednesday is notes night when notes are taken to keep everyone focussed and iron out any problems. We have had a few bits of restaging due to a poorly back and a tweak or two about where and when some lines are delivered, but the integrity and quality of the show has exceed any expectation that Morphic Graffiti could have dared to dream of.

Which may be why the resounding question from those that have seen it is always “What are you doing next?”!!! We laughed at first, fearful of tempting fate and the show flopping, but it would seem that the hands of fate have allowed us the chance to try a second project! Woo hoo. Dean, Luke and Stewart have already been chatting about the way forwards so do not fret! Something will happen. We have ideas so watch this space! Our focus is wholly on Jekyll and Hyde and we will not take our eye off the ball until the very end!

As always, a massive thank you for the support. Twitter has been going mad with Jekyll comments and tweets. Those who have seen it, thank you. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have had making it and continue to have in presenting it. Our audiences have been incredible and generous.

Two, very special, audience members who came on Friday must be mentioned just before we go. Leslie Bricusse (Jekyll and Hyde lyricist and musical theatre legend) and his wife Evie came to see the show, unbeknownst to the cast. We met him afterwards and were blown away by his kind words for the production and the time they took talking to everyone involved. It is not often you meet someone that wrote some of the very works that got you into theatre, so we were all in total awe. Leslie kindly signed posters and even took one of ours home to keep.

To the tweeter that suggested the posters would end up on eBay, we hate to disappoint but mine is going up in a frame on my wall. I would not sell it for all the tea in China!:

Mr Bricusse at the Union Theatre


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