Morphic Graffiti, Part 18 and Widow Twankey’s Laundry

So it’s Tuesday May 29th and we are about to begin week three of Jekyll and Hyde performances. Woop!! Things are going from strength to strength with regards the show and the amazing work from cast, band and stage management. We are still having a fantastic response from critics with a few more online blog reviews and published reviews coming through. The reaction from the audience is incredible. Some have left the theatre moved to tears, others have been articulating how fantastic it is to see the show on its feet and in London!

We have been overwhelmed with the positivity towards the piece and on behalf of everyone involved, to those who has supported us – thank you! After the nervous excitement of the first few performances, the nerves have been replaced with an edgy and raw energy that keeps the pace and the flow of the show going. Our band (Dean, Scott, Sophie, John and James) are proving increasingly popular with audiences blown away by the orchestral sound of the piece while maintaining the ability to still hear the cast’s every word.

Stewart is in this week with Gareth to address a few set maintenace issues. The fluidity of the piece and the sixteen cast members mean that it takes a lot of using and moving. It is strong and sturdy, but as with any show, things break or need replacing and we have at least one sticky door knob to adjust and a door slider to adjust!

The day to day running of the show is now well established. Katherine and Danielle in the Stage Management have got their respective roles down to perfection. At the interval of every show, a small military operation takes place as costumes from Act One are struck, Act 2 costumes and props are set in place and large set pieces are replaced with even bigger ones! And all in twenty minutes!! While our audiences relax over a glass of wine, behind the auditorium doors is organised chaos!

Unfortunately the Union does not have a washing machine facility and with large amounts of blood and the standard sweat levels of 16 cast, the washing rota is alternating between Luke and Stewart. Luke’s flat looks like Widow Twankeys Laundry with all manner of underwear, overwear, bedwear and officewear adorning every available drying rack and shelf! But it is a small price to pay with a show like this and we are more than happy to get our hands dirty!

Tickets are selling well, and with just two weeks left after this week, we are urging people to book up sooner rather than later. We would hate for you to miss this amazing event that is happening at the Union!

A friend of mine said recently that our reviews are “simply something to die for”. While this comment was a little theatrical and over the top (and possibly a good marketing quote!!), it made me take a step back for a second and evaluate where we are at. While there is always room to grow and develop (my own flaw as a perfectionist!!) it would seem that something quite special is happening in a small archway between London Bridge and Waterloo that has captured the imaginations of not only those involved, but of those coming to see it. Here’s to keeping that imagination alive and sharing it with those who plump to come and see it.


See you at the Union!!!



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