Morphic Graffiti, Part 15 and the lack of sleep!

So it’s the first full day of technical rehearsals over and done with! Crikey!! The set is up, the costumes have been sought and sewn (well nearly!!), the band are rehearsing and sounding a dream, the lights are plotting, the VT is projecting and as I type this our designer is attacking a wall with a large tub of black paint!

Yes we are now in the Union and it’s all systems go with regards to Jekyll and Hyde!! We have not stopped. Saturday night the set arrived in kit form ready for yesterday’s “get in”. As well as putting the set in the right place and making sure it is secure, Cat (lighting designer) has been working her magic with lanterns and Ben has been hidden behind his laptop working on the projections.

Last night, the cast arrived with their voices primed for the ‘sitzprobe’, whereby the band (after a long days band call) and cast met and sang through the show. To say the result was electrifying would be an understatement. Numbers such as ‘Murder Murder’ and ‘Alive’ have jumped up several gears in intensity and power, and the results are spine-tingling! We have a band of five musicians but the exact arrangement will remain a mystery until opening night on wednesday! Take my word for it, however, that you will be mesmerised.

As well as the work in the rehearsal room, we have had continuing support from Lauren (Production Assistant) who has circumnavigated London on the hunt for all manner of set pieces and props and has worked tirelessly with paper mache all day! Today we had the sewing skills of James Lacey to create some religious wear and even a nun outfit (or three!). No photos though as that would give the game away!

Tech rehearsals are notoriously long and tiring but full credit to all for keeping this one going. So many different departments are working tirelessly and there is still so much to do, but already we are starting to see what we can achieve. And if all else fails, pizza will get us through it!! Thank you everyone involved!!



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