Morphic Graffiti, Part 14 and a rehearsal room update!

It is time to put pen to paper (or finger to key) and take five minutes to update everyone on how things are developing with the show.

Firstly, where has the time gone? We have just started week three! When did that happen? Rehearsals are galloping apace and some incredible work is going on. Musically, the vocals are tightening and blossoming. Anyone walking past the Union theatre of late will have heard some very loud and very tight harmonies blasting out.

Ideas for songs have grown and developed with some incredible results. Focussing on the story and channelling the characters behind some very popular musical theatre standards has created some unique and very real results. I would love to give you examples but that would give the game away!

What we can guarantee is this will be a production of Jekyll and Hyde like no other before it. Taking this brilliant score and script and interpreting every nuance and word is time consuming but ultimately so rewarding.

Costume fittings have been going on daily and the results are superb. Our prostitutes are looking fierce, our aristocrats look every inch the part and there are more bags than anyone could wish for!

More photos have been taken in rehearsals and Katherine (Katherine James Photography) has been in taking more publicity shots. This time of Emma (Jo Strand) and Lucy (Madalena Alberto). In a similar vein to our previous picture of Tim Rogers as Jekyll, this image will form part of our marketing campaign. So watch this space!

Ticket sales are certainly increasing and word of mouth seems to be growing. The impact of our video viral has been huge and if you haven’t yet seen it, hide behind a pillow and click the link below!

Ben continues to work incredibly hard on the Video design, with a scheduled shoot tomorrow morning at 9am before we head back to rehearsals! The level of work behind the scenes is absolutely insane and must take a second to say how amazing and brilliant everyone involved has been and continues to be. The production that will result from all this work is a testament to the creativity, genius and sheer determination of everyone involved.

But enough gushing in this blog! In other news, the programme has gone to print with our friends at Paperhat. Mike Fraga has pulled out all the stops. It doesn’t look from the front like it should be the programme but that is our very intention!! We shall say no more.

Katherine Tippins our stage manager continues to hunt props from far flung corners of the universe. I cannot say the types of props or give anything away but one significant prop is involved in the death of Lady Beaconsfield and if we find it, it will be remembered long after the curtain comes down!

Can you sense we are dropping lots of teasers and hints and being very unspecific?! That is deliberate and completely part of our strategy to entice you to come down to the Union and watch the show!

Will post more soon, but til then keep checking the website:

Twitter: @morphicgraffiti


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