Morphic Graffiti, Part 13 and the Video Viral of Video Virals!

As well as being kept busy 24-7 with all things related to the actual theatrical event of Jekyll and Hyde, behind the scenes, a cinematic masterpiece has been created!!

Theatre marketing has grown and developed over the last few years and the power of the internet and social media means that there is a huge number of ways of accessing our audience and letting them know what we are about.

We have been extremely to work with Clayton Wright on bringing this viral to life and here is a bit about how we did it!

The idea of the viral was to bring together themes from the story of Jekyll and Hyde and depict the feel and energy behind this particular production. A few Pret coffees and sandwiches later and Clayton had created a very vivid and concise concept for the video:

“The vision for the viral was to create a contemporary ident that dealt with the dark subject matter and establish the performences’ identity. The key elements I wanted to reflect were transformation, obsession and the haunting of London. 
Jekyll struggles, a man possessed, plagued by the demonic voice and the impulses of his alter-ego. We look at his obsession for Lucy, driven by primal urges of lust and rage. He is beast like, no longer human. We reference the landmarks of the musical including the murder the Bishop and watch as he transforms into Hyde. A predator. Ever present and lurking in the shadows unnoticed. I play on the fears we have today. The fear we carry when we walk home late at night. Hyde feeds on these fears. He leaves Lucy his calling card, a symbol of death that signifies he is not through with her yet, but her fate is still undetermined because our production has not yet started.”

As well as having a strong contemporary edge, the video needed to reveal the “sinister, chilling and depraved” take on the story that we set up in the description on our marketing flyers. Clayton was also keen to incorporate the production image (the blue ‘skull’) into the video to link the brand and tie the video and publicity material together.

With the storyboard drawn, a filming schedule was drawn up. In one day, all locations were achieved, starting with interior scenes of ‘Jekyll’s home’ (in actual fact the Director’s flat with bin liners on the windows!) and through to night fall to film the bus scenes. As well as locations, camera angles were decided to achieve a specific shot. For example, the bus  CCTV shot was filmed and fully created in post-production:

As well as drawing up the storyboards, Clayton worked closely with our other video expert,  the very talented Leon Lopez, to talk camera shots, sound scapes and all things serial killer! With the boys behind the camera, we had Louise Olley on board (literally – as our Girl on the Bus!!) and Stewart Charlesworth (not only one half of Morphic Graffiti, but with a temperature, flu and five days worth of stubble and unkempt hair) as our predator, to bring the story to life in front of the camera!

Filming in the most glamorous of locations!

With input from Leon, Clayton and our very own Ben Waldon (production Video Designer) the viral was edited and the dark undertones fully realised to what you will see. We are thrilled with it and especially excited to have this addition to our production. Check it out, let us know your thoughts and we hope it doesn’t give you nightmares!

Big thanks to Clayton (, Leon Lopez, Ben Walden& Louise Olley.

Click the link to go to the viral:


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