Morphic Graffiti, Part 12 and the Papier Mache thing

Day four of rehearsals finished! Where has the week gone! Apologies for not having blogged til now. Currently in bed on the laptop typing away before my eyes close on their own!

So what has happened this week?! Er…everything! Our cast assembled on Monday for a meet and greet with the creative team. Plenty of coffees and pastries to pass the morning with a little chat from Stewart, Luke and Dean and the obligatory design presentation. Some genuinely surprised and excited faces from our cast with regards to how the set is going to look. Stewart spoke at length about how the set works and the concept behind the design and how it works alongside the work Luke and Dean are doing with the score and book to the show.

No sooner had we presented the concept than it was down to learning notes. Not a moment to waste! Since then there has been a huge hub of work happening across two rehearsal spaces. Adam has been doing incredible work with regards to the musical staging. The voices coming from Dean’s rehearsal room are heavenly and Luke has been getting down and dirty with the script and lyrics to uncover just what makes these complex characters tick!

In the design camp, (not camp design!) Stewart and Kingsley have been working tirelessly on costume. Fittings have started with certain cast members being ‘borrowed’ for 5 minutes here and there to try on a garment or to have a measurement taken.

Katherine (Stage Manager) has been sourcing our props for the show with some quite simply remarkable results. All very top secret but will be revealed on the 16th May!! Stewart is also fighting with chicken wire and papier mache although as yet we are not sure why!! Again, more intrigue and excitement, but possibly some photographic evidence will explain why?:


What on earth are you making ?!

No, clearly not then!

Notes from rehearsals are being taken diligently by our Deputy Stage Manager, Danielle, who is feeding back information to relevant departments so everyone is up to date with changes from the rehearsal room. Music notes from rehearsals are being emailed live to Tom Curran to truly perfect his orchestrations. The workload is unending, but the goal is very much in sight, and everyone is working so hard to make it happen. Thank you all!!

Next week we introduce our video virals to promote the show and give even more flavour of the production. They are not for the faint hearted! Plans are being made for our press night (any press enquiries to and an interview between and Morphic Graffiti’s Stewart and Luke is now online at

Katherine James has been in taking photos of rehearsals for our programme. This is taking up a little more time than anticipated but we hope will be very much worth the labour of love that it has been! And no it won’t be a photocopied page of A4!!

Tickets are very much on sale and selling well. All ticketing info is on our website so check us out!

On that note, this is us, signing off from a slightly tired but  very VERY excited Morphic Graffiti!!!!



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