Morphic Graffiti, Part 11 and the first publicity images!!

So it’s Thursday, that means four full days before rehearsals start! We are at full speed and hurtling forwards with excitement and anticipation!

The cast are receiving their scripts, the band are being solidified and the orchestrations are almost finished and sounding incredible (Tom Curran you are a genius). Not only has he managed to keep the beauty and integrity of the original orchestrations (that would come with the full orchestra that regrettably we don’t have room at the Union  for) but has arranged them for 5 musicians in a way that somehow makes it sound like a whole lot more people playing!

News from design HQ is that the set is almost finished (in kit form – it will be put up and fixed together when we get to the Union). Having been to see it myself and picked up a paint brush, I can vouch that Stewart’s set model  has been realised for the production in a very large, very exciting way! So large in fact we have had to rethink how we transport it from Essex where it was built and down to the Union! Saying that, it is amazing to see it up and with its first coat of paint in such quick time. Huge thanks to Martin, Katherine, Mike, Peter and Elaine.  

We also, very excitingly, have a bit of a treat for you. It is the first ‘publicity image’ for Jekyll and Hyde, and a chance to see where all this work is heading and a first glimpse of Tim Rogers in the title role! Photos are from our shoot last Friday with Tim and our photographer Katherine:

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photograophy

Intrigued? Excited? We certainly are!  Amidst the mountain of work going on behind the scenes, a very exciting and fresh production is starting to emerge. Thanks for keeping up with us via this blog. We have plenty more coming so check back!!


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