Morphic Graffiti, Part 10 and a mention on Elaine Paige!!

How was your Easter? Hope everyone has had their fill of chocolate eggs and roast dinners. All things Easter seem a distant memory as we have a week before we start rehearsals! The last few casting bits and pieces are being tied up, meetings with musicians have been taking place and Luke has been pondering over the rehearsal schedule!

We have three and a half weeks rehearsal (not long for a musical like Jekyll and Hyde) and so time is of the essence. Music has to be taught by Dean (MD) and learnt before Luke (Director) and Adam (Musical Staging) can join Dean and get their hands on the actors and get the piece on its feet. Putting this into a rehearsal schedule, making sure all scenes and songs are covered and ensuring that actors are used and not left waiting round all day makes for a very complicated process!

As well as rehearsing the action, Stewart and Kingsley (Associate Costume Designer) are already planning when and where to fit in costume fittings and alterations. Stewart’s designs are continually growing and developing and although he won’t let us show any of his designs, the thought and detail going into every single aspect of the garment is immense! Who knew that Emma Carew’s Engagement dress would be such a big topic of discussion!!

What else is going on? Well, marketing is picking up and we are spreading the Jekyll and Hyde news wherever we can. We even had a mention on Elaine Paige’s Radio 2 show earlier today! We have set ourselves a twitter goal to be completed by the time we start rehearsals on 23rd April so if you are not already following us, check us out @morphicgraffiti.

Friday morning was spent with Tim Rogers looking at some sections of the script with Ben Walden (Video Designer) and Katherine James (photographer). We hope to have some images to show you shortly from that session!

The programme artwork and content are being designed and written at the moment. Cast biographies and photos will be added as well as a few other surprises, including some photos from Katherine from both inside and outside the rehearsal room.

We have been meeting up with musicians for our band and making sure all things are going well with the music side of things. It will be a five piece band and, from the incredible work that Tom Curran is doing with re-orchestrating it, will do complete justice to the incredible score.

Sadly, Huw Evans will no longer be our Assistant MD, but we are thrilled to welcome Scott Alder on to the team! You can find out more about Scott at Scott will be supporting Dean throughout the process of getting the show ready and will also appear playing second Keys in the show!

That’s all for now. We won’t leave it so long until the next blog! Promise!


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