Morphic Graffiti, Part 9 and the Big To-Do List!

Casting announcements are imminent, the set is nearly complete, and the first day of rehearsals is hurtling towards us at great speed! Where is time going? So many things have been going on, some huge, others not so big but all in place to make this production as good as it possibly can be.

Biggest news since the last blog is that we can now announce our Dr Jekyll/Edward Hyde. Check out our website ( for details on Tim Rogers!! Tim is a seasoned West-End performer with some incredible credits and a jaw dropping voice that left us all in the audition room in awe! Adam (Adam Braham Casting) has been working non-stop to finalise the remaining cast. Keep checking back for updates.

Saturday was a huge leap forward with the set construction. In a little church hall in Essex we erected two sections and overcame several hurdles to get the desired result (nothing that an angle grinder can’t fix!!). We would dearly love to show you a photo or two but we were so busy that we forgot to take some. However, we have a video of part of it moving so there is a big secret released there!

Monday evening was spent in the company of Cat Webb (Lighting Designer) and Ben Walden (our video designer!!). Starting at the beginning of Act One we talked technically through lighting ideas and the scenes in Act One so that we are all working on the same story! Such tiny details as times of day, specific locations and even the mental state of certain characters have a huge effect on the lighting of the show and the feel of the production. Cat and Ben have been creating some fantastic ideas that will be integrated with the on stage action. Every aspect of the show is working to tell this story and huge long meetings allow us to cement ideas, encourage new ones and discuss areas that are not quite so clear. Three hours later we finished Act One. Act Two will have to wait until our next meeting!!

One area not yet mentioned is costume design. Stewart is being deliberately vague with all our blog readers and teasing people with the look of all the characters. However, he is meeting up with Kingsley Hall (Associate Costume Designer) to talk through the garments and looks for all the characters. Already, Stewart has completed a ‘Costume Plot’ for the entire show. This outlines who is wearing what and where they are (eg. Outside, at a party, at home getting ready for bed etc.) and gives the pair a way into finalising costume designs. This show is certainly not a one costume per actor kind of show! Add in some stage blood and the prospect of 7 shows a week, the costume work in the show will be immense!!

Other little jobs going on that are less glamorous, but still integral, include pulling together programme notes, contacting the press, arranging transportation for the set, arranging filming schedules (oo er!!), researching key aspects in the story, sourcing specific props, getting cast photos and biographies, measuring confirmed actors for costumes, checking ebay for a myriad of items and hundreds of other on-going jobs that you would never have thought of!!

Tickets available on the phone or via the web. Check out our website!

Morphicgraffiti x


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