Morphic Graffiti, Part 13 and the Video Viral of Video Virals!

As well as being kept busy 24-7 with all things related to the actual theatrical event of Jekyll and Hyde, behind the scenes, a cinematic masterpiece has been created!!

Theatre marketing has grown and developed over the last few years and the power of the internet and social media means that there is a huge number of ways of accessing our audience and letting them know what we are about.

We have been extremely to work with Clayton Wright on bringing this viral to life and here is a bit about how we did it!

The idea of the viral was to bring together themes from the story of Jekyll and Hyde and depict the feel and energy behind this particular production. A few Pret coffees and sandwiches later and Clayton had created a very vivid and concise concept for the video:

“The vision for the viral was to create a contemporary ident that dealt with the dark subject matter and establish the performences’ identity. The key elements I wanted to reflect were transformation, obsession and the haunting of London. 
Jekyll struggles, a man possessed, plagued by the demonic voice and the impulses of his alter-ego. We look at his obsession for Lucy, driven by primal urges of lust and rage. He is beast like, no longer human. We reference the landmarks of the musical including the murder the Bishop and watch as he transforms into Hyde. A predator. Ever present and lurking in the shadows unnoticed. I play on the fears we have today. The fear we carry when we walk home late at night. Hyde feeds on these fears. He leaves Lucy his calling card, a symbol of death that signifies he is not through with her yet, but her fate is still undetermined because our production has not yet started.”

As well as having a strong contemporary edge, the video needed to reveal the “sinister, chilling and depraved” take on the story that we set up in the description on our marketing flyers. Clayton was also keen to incorporate the production image (the blue ‘skull’) into the video to link the brand and tie the video and publicity material together.

With the storyboard drawn, a filming schedule was drawn up. In one day, all locations were achieved, starting with interior scenes of ‘Jekyll’s home’ (in actual fact the Director’s flat with bin liners on the windows!) and through to night fall to film the bus scenes. As well as locations, camera angles were decided to achieve a specific shot. For example, the bus  CCTV shot was filmed and fully created in post-production:

As well as drawing up the storyboards, Clayton worked closely with our other video expert,  the very talented Leon Lopez, to talk camera shots, sound scapes and all things serial killer! With the boys behind the camera, we had Louise Olley on board (literally – as our Girl on the Bus!!) and Stewart Charlesworth (not only one half of Morphic Graffiti, but with a temperature, flu and five days worth of stubble and unkempt hair) as our predator, to bring the story to life in front of the camera!

Filming in the most glamorous of locations!

With input from Leon, Clayton and our very own Ben Waldon (production Video Designer) the viral was edited and the dark undertones fully realised to what you will see. We are thrilled with it and especially excited to have this addition to our production. Check it out, let us know your thoughts and we hope it doesn’t give you nightmares!

Big thanks to Clayton (, Leon Lopez, Ben Walden& Louise Olley.

Click the link to go to the viral:


Morphic Graffiti, Part 12 and the Papier Mache thing

Day four of rehearsals finished! Where has the week gone! Apologies for not having blogged til now. Currently in bed on the laptop typing away before my eyes close on their own!

So what has happened this week?! Er…everything! Our cast assembled on Monday for a meet and greet with the creative team. Plenty of coffees and pastries to pass the morning with a little chat from Stewart, Luke and Dean and the obligatory design presentation. Some genuinely surprised and excited faces from our cast with regards to how the set is going to look. Stewart spoke at length about how the set works and the concept behind the design and how it works alongside the work Luke and Dean are doing with the score and book to the show.

No sooner had we presented the concept than it was down to learning notes. Not a moment to waste! Since then there has been a huge hub of work happening across two rehearsal spaces. Adam has been doing incredible work with regards to the musical staging. The voices coming from Dean’s rehearsal room are heavenly and Luke has been getting down and dirty with the script and lyrics to uncover just what makes these complex characters tick!

In the design camp, (not camp design!) Stewart and Kingsley have been working tirelessly on costume. Fittings have started with certain cast members being ‘borrowed’ for 5 minutes here and there to try on a garment or to have a measurement taken.

Katherine (Stage Manager) has been sourcing our props for the show with some quite simply remarkable results. All very top secret but will be revealed on the 16th May!! Stewart is also fighting with chicken wire and papier mache although as yet we are not sure why!! Again, more intrigue and excitement, but possibly some photographic evidence will explain why?:


What on earth are you making ?!

No, clearly not then!

Notes from rehearsals are being taken diligently by our Deputy Stage Manager, Danielle, who is feeding back information to relevant departments so everyone is up to date with changes from the rehearsal room. Music notes from rehearsals are being emailed live to Tom Curran to truly perfect his orchestrations. The workload is unending, but the goal is very much in sight, and everyone is working so hard to make it happen. Thank you all!!

Next week we introduce our video virals to promote the show and give even more flavour of the production. They are not for the faint hearted! Plans are being made for our press night (any press enquiries to and an interview between and Morphic Graffiti’s Stewart and Luke is now online at

Katherine James has been in taking photos of rehearsals for our programme. This is taking up a little more time than anticipated but we hope will be very much worth the labour of love that it has been! And no it won’t be a photocopied page of A4!!

Tickets are very much on sale and selling well. All ticketing info is on our website so check us out!

On that note, this is us, signing off from a slightly tired but  very VERY excited Morphic Graffiti!!!!


Morphic Graffiti, Part 11 and the first publicity images!!

So it’s Thursday, that means four full days before rehearsals start! We are at full speed and hurtling forwards with excitement and anticipation!

The cast are receiving their scripts, the band are being solidified and the orchestrations are almost finished and sounding incredible (Tom Curran you are a genius). Not only has he managed to keep the beauty and integrity of the original orchestrations (that would come with the full orchestra that regrettably we don’t have room at the Union  for) but has arranged them for 5 musicians in a way that somehow makes it sound like a whole lot more people playing!

News from design HQ is that the set is almost finished (in kit form – it will be put up and fixed together when we get to the Union). Having been to see it myself and picked up a paint brush, I can vouch that Stewart’s set model  has been realised for the production in a very large, very exciting way! So large in fact we have had to rethink how we transport it from Essex where it was built and down to the Union! Saying that, it is amazing to see it up and with its first coat of paint in such quick time. Huge thanks to Martin, Katherine, Mike, Peter and Elaine.  

We also, very excitingly, have a bit of a treat for you. It is the first ‘publicity image’ for Jekyll and Hyde, and a chance to see where all this work is heading and a first glimpse of Tim Rogers in the title role! Photos are from our shoot last Friday with Tim and our photographer Katherine:

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photography

Katherine James Photograophy

Intrigued? Excited? We certainly are!  Amidst the mountain of work going on behind the scenes, a very exciting and fresh production is starting to emerge. Thanks for keeping up with us via this blog. We have plenty more coming so check back!!

Morphic Graffiti, Part 10 and a mention on Elaine Paige!!

How was your Easter? Hope everyone has had their fill of chocolate eggs and roast dinners. All things Easter seem a distant memory as we have a week before we start rehearsals! The last few casting bits and pieces are being tied up, meetings with musicians have been taking place and Luke has been pondering over the rehearsal schedule!

We have three and a half weeks rehearsal (not long for a musical like Jekyll and Hyde) and so time is of the essence. Music has to be taught by Dean (MD) and learnt before Luke (Director) and Adam (Musical Staging) can join Dean and get their hands on the actors and get the piece on its feet. Putting this into a rehearsal schedule, making sure all scenes and songs are covered and ensuring that actors are used and not left waiting round all day makes for a very complicated process!

As well as rehearsing the action, Stewart and Kingsley (Associate Costume Designer) are already planning when and where to fit in costume fittings and alterations. Stewart’s designs are continually growing and developing and although he won’t let us show any of his designs, the thought and detail going into every single aspect of the garment is immense! Who knew that Emma Carew’s Engagement dress would be such a big topic of discussion!!

What else is going on? Well, marketing is picking up and we are spreading the Jekyll and Hyde news wherever we can. We even had a mention on Elaine Paige’s Radio 2 show earlier today! We have set ourselves a twitter goal to be completed by the time we start rehearsals on 23rd April so if you are not already following us, check us out @morphicgraffiti.

Friday morning was spent with Tim Rogers looking at some sections of the script with Ben Walden (Video Designer) and Katherine James (photographer). We hope to have some images to show you shortly from that session!

The programme artwork and content are being designed and written at the moment. Cast biographies and photos will be added as well as a few other surprises, including some photos from Katherine from both inside and outside the rehearsal room.

We have been meeting up with musicians for our band and making sure all things are going well with the music side of things. It will be a five piece band and, from the incredible work that Tom Curran is doing with re-orchestrating it, will do complete justice to the incredible score.

Sadly, Huw Evans will no longer be our Assistant MD, but we are thrilled to welcome Scott Alder on to the team! You can find out more about Scott at Scott will be supporting Dean throughout the process of getting the show ready and will also appear playing second Keys in the show!

That’s all for now. We won’t leave it so long until the next blog! Promise!

Morphic Graffiti, Part 9 and the Big To-Do List!

Casting announcements are imminent, the set is nearly complete, and the first day of rehearsals is hurtling towards us at great speed! Where is time going? So many things have been going on, some huge, others not so big but all in place to make this production as good as it possibly can be.

Biggest news since the last blog is that we can now announce our Dr Jekyll/Edward Hyde. Check out our website ( for details on Tim Rogers!! Tim is a seasoned West-End performer with some incredible credits and a jaw dropping voice that left us all in the audition room in awe! Adam (Adam Braham Casting) has been working non-stop to finalise the remaining cast. Keep checking back for updates.

Saturday was a huge leap forward with the set construction. In a little church hall in Essex we erected two sections and overcame several hurdles to get the desired result (nothing that an angle grinder can’t fix!!). We would dearly love to show you a photo or two but we were so busy that we forgot to take some. However, we have a video of part of it moving so there is a big secret released there!

Monday evening was spent in the company of Cat Webb (Lighting Designer) and Ben Walden (our video designer!!). Starting at the beginning of Act One we talked technically through lighting ideas and the scenes in Act One so that we are all working on the same story! Such tiny details as times of day, specific locations and even the mental state of certain characters have a huge effect on the lighting of the show and the feel of the production. Cat and Ben have been creating some fantastic ideas that will be integrated with the on stage action. Every aspect of the show is working to tell this story and huge long meetings allow us to cement ideas, encourage new ones and discuss areas that are not quite so clear. Three hours later we finished Act One. Act Two will have to wait until our next meeting!!

One area not yet mentioned is costume design. Stewart is being deliberately vague with all our blog readers and teasing people with the look of all the characters. However, he is meeting up with Kingsley Hall (Associate Costume Designer) to talk through the garments and looks for all the characters. Already, Stewart has completed a ‘Costume Plot’ for the entire show. This outlines who is wearing what and where they are (eg. Outside, at a party, at home getting ready for bed etc.) and gives the pair a way into finalising costume designs. This show is certainly not a one costume per actor kind of show! Add in some stage blood and the prospect of 7 shows a week, the costume work in the show will be immense!!

Other little jobs going on that are less glamorous, but still integral, include pulling together programme notes, contacting the press, arranging transportation for the set, arranging filming schedules (oo er!!), researching key aspects in the story, sourcing specific props, getting cast photos and biographies, measuring confirmed actors for costumes, checking ebay for a myriad of items and hundreds of other on-going jobs that you would never have thought of!!

Tickets available on the phone or via the web. Check out our website!

Morphicgraffiti x