Morphic Graffiti, Part 8 and the puzzle that is growing in complexity!

Ok. So it’s Thursday, day 6 of auditions and we are nearly finished! The last week has been quite simply incredible. The talent that has turned up to audition at the Lost Theatre in Stockwell has been stunning. We have seen enough to cast this show ten times over!

Although the casting decisions are not set in stone we thought a quick blog update and a brief insight into the world inside the audition room might be of interest to our readers!

So what has been happening? Well depending on what people have been up for, we have usually heard people sing their own choice of song first. Popular song choices for girls have included numbers from The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Wild Party, The Secret Garden and Chess. The boy’s auditions featured a lot of Ragtime, The Wild Party (again) and a lot of classic repertoire (a fair few songs from Les Miserables, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Below are a few photos from one of our audition days. All looks very serious and professional which is the image we like to maintain!!


Deep in discussion......

Anyone for coffee?!

Adam (Casting Director) wishes he had asked for that coffee!!

As well as hearing people sing we have been looking at sections from the script too. Where possible, we have been redirecting the scenes to not only see where people take the character but also to explore different ways that the text can be interpreted. Jekyll and Hyde is largely ‘sung-through’ with dialogue-based scenes being short and snappy to drive the narrative, but it was integral that we see people act through both song and dialogue.

What has really excited the entire panel is to see the fabulous, iconic songs from the show being brought to life, with truthful, emotional interpretations that drive the character’s individual stories. This production is going to pack an emotional punch for sure!

When we announce our cast (and it will be very soon we promise!!) you can take our word for it that the decisions made will not have been easy. We knew the puzzle of bringing everyone together was tricky, but we did not foresee how the high standard of everyone auditioning has made this so complex! We will let you in to a secret and say that our Jekyll is in place, but you will have to stay posted to find out the full cast that will bring this fantastic piece to life.

You have our word that you will not be disappointed.





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