Morphic Graffiti, Part 7 and an inspiring day at the Shaw Theatre!

So auditions have started! ‘Jekyll Day’ was fantastic and to say we were blown away by what happened yesterday would be an understatement! Thank you to all who came to see us at the Shaw Theatre. Some Jekyll’s bought us to tears and some Hyde’s completely freaked us out (in a good way). The variety of approaches to the two characters was fantastic. Some exciting character revelations came through, ideas were brought to life and the iconic number ‘This Is the Moment’ has been work-shopped and broken down with exhilarating results. One reading of the script even suggested a reason why ‘Hyde’ is given that name!

A big thank you to Huw Evans played piano for us like a dream (accompanying everyone’s songs), and entertained us with some lovely renditions of Jekyll and Hyde songs with alternative musical endings (be it in the style of Grease or Wicked!!). Obviously this happened in the scheduled breaks and not during auditions! Our production assistant Lauren was on hand to sign people in and will be around at most auditions so if you are coming in, please say “hi” as she does not bite!

We are seeing more Jekyll’s tomorrow and will begin the humungous task of casting the entire show, with auditions continuing into next week. By next Friday, we will have finished all casting and then everything is in place for the real magic to happen! From what we have seen today it is going to be really tough to piece this puzzle together. Adam Braham is currently contacting people with regards to audition times. We are still receiving CV’s too even though the deadline has passed. Thank you for the interest that has been shown. It is incredible!

More updates on auditions to follow. There was a sneaky photo of us on Twitter (looking like a less glittery version of the X factor panel!) so if you are not following us, please do! @morphicgraffiti

Tickets are on sale and are selling well. This is a reminder to get in now and book your preferred dates because when this cast is finalised and announced it’s going to go crazy!!!


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