Morphic Graffiti, Part 6 and “Jekyll Day”!!

Another week closer to opening night, another huge list of exciting things that have either started or have been progressing forwards.  There appears to be no time to sleep.  We are now into two months before we open!

Firstly, casting submissions have been flying in. Yesterday we sat down and had a look at almost six HUNDRED (!!) cv’s and photos that have been sent in. We have been completely overwhelmed by the interest in doing the project and the calibre of people is extraordinary. Dean, Stewart and I cannot wait to start auditions and meet everyone. Adam has been liasing with agents, sending out sides of script and music and generally dealing with the complex task of processing a phenomenal response to the project.  Unfortunately there is no way we can see everyone either which is gutting, but we would still be seeing people through Easter and beyond!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is affectionately known as ‘Jekyll Day’. We start the audition process and will hopefully meet our potential Dr Jekyll face to face!! Although no formal decisions will be made (we have to look at how we cast the whole company and how everyone works together) we will be meeting the actors, working through small sections material from the script and score and talking through our visions of the show and how we are going to bring it to life.

On the panel will be Luke (as director), Stewart (with more of his ‘Producer’ hat on, and maybe his ‘Costume Designer’ sunglasses!!), Dean (as Musical Director), Huw (playing piano beautifully and taking on dual role as Assistant MD) and someone in to read script with our potential Jekylls and Hydes!!We will update with how we get on!! (and maybe a photo or two!)

Yesterday was also a fantastic meeting with the people behind , an amazing resource for all theatregoers and fans. Watch this space for more exciting news on the outcome of the meeting (we don’t want to pre-empt it!!) and how Morphic Graffiti and StageWon will be getting involved together.

So not only did we have two wonderful meetings yesterday, but the day ended with a site visit  to the Union Theatre! Very exciting to go back and visit with a complete understanding of Stewart’s set design. The venue is completely flexible, and the current play that is on (‘How’s the World Treating You?’) is using the stage and seating  in a completely different configuration. It’s an incredible space and we plan to use its versatility to our advantage.

Finally, one quick update on the set. The Saturday just gone was Build Day 3 of 4 and with the addition of our Stage Manager Katherine Tippins on site, the construction work went from slick to positively well oiled! The largest component of the set has been constructed (collective sigh of relief) and the next stage will be adding the copious amounts of detail that will make our audiences gasp!!

Check back soon,

Book your tickets!!

Wish us luck with casting! We will keep everyone posted!            Twitter: @morphicgraffiti


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