Morphic Graffiti, Part 5 and the ‘Beast’ (and we’re not talking Edward Hyde!)

Nine weeks today we will be opening! Wow! Where is time going?! Typing this blog now, I am calm, relaxed and excited. I would like to think that similar emotions will be experienced in nine weeks time but I am not sure….hmm……

What news to report?! So much going on. Stewart is off for yet more set  meetings to sort through all matters relating to the set. He has been at technical meetings with Sharon Calcutt (our technical manager) and making huge progress with the logistics of getting the set in to the Union Theatre! It is going to be very big and very beautiful!  We are currently devising schedules to find the optimum time to get everything in place once the theatre is handed over to us. Four days to rig the lights, put up the set, focus, plot, set up the band, paint the floor, organise costumes…..oh crikey!

Painting part of the set model. A designer’s work is never done!

Yesterday was another exciting day with Tom Curran (our Orchestrator). You may have seen us deep in thought in the photo on twitter as we heard the arrangements for “Murder Murder”, the number we affectionately refer to as ‘the Beast’. While we all love it dearly, it is a ferocious 12 minutes of continuous music, dialogue and movement with no room for any mistakes or any space to stop. The number opens act two and is going to be stunning if the ideas and sounds coming from yesterday’s meeting are anything to go by.  Apart from a nudge to keep the noise down (blame the very full orchestral sounds from Tom’s arrangements) the meeting was a huge success and shows that our band of five musicians will not only do justice to the beautiful ballads that Frank Wildhorn has written, but will certainly pack a punch when it comes to providing the drama and tension in the piece.

Yesterday was also the day that all the remaining breakdowns for our cast were put out by Adam Braham. If you check out his website,, you can see what we are looking for. Interest in the show is growing day by day and we have been overwhelmed by the positive responses to the piece and the production. Thank you. It is certainly keeping us focussed!

Spread the word and keep following us. Don’t forget tickets are on sale too!!

Twitter: @morphicgraffiti


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