Morphic Graffiti, part 4 and the potentially hot Dr Jekyll!

How is it Tuesday already?! Things are moving on at a fast rate. We sat down with Adam Braham yesterday and went through submissions for our Dr Jekyll. So many talented (and very dapper looking) hunks popping up and some new names that we are very excited about. Auditions will take place imminently. The breakdown for all other roles goes out this week so please check out the website and Facebook for updates. We can’t wait to finally get to hear actors sing the songs we have been talking about and visualising come to life!

For those who don’t know the Wildhorn/Bricusse version of the original novel, the characters that feature alongside the ill-fated Dr Jekyll include his fiancee Emma Carew, his Father-in-Law Sir Danvers Carew, a host of opposing aristocrats, his love-rival Simon Stride, and his best friend John Utterson. It is Utterson that leads Jekyll to the Red Rat, to the pimps and prostitutes of London’s underworld and the misguided Lucy Harris. Many fantastic roles and all required to sing not just some amazing songs, but haunting vocal lines and intricate harmonies. Boy do we have our work cut out!!

Anyone who is part of our facebook group will have briefly read last night that we were up till late photographing the model box! Working with Katherine James Photography, we have used Stewart’s set model and put all the locations down, working out the scene changes and sight lines to give us a head start before we start rehearsing! These pictures will also be used by Cat, Sharon and Katherine to help visualise lighting states, technical demands and mean that we don’t go into technical rehearsals with the infamous phrase “what happens now?!!”

In other news, we have been having meetings in offices, coffee shops, other theatres and anywhere that we can really to keep the show moving forwards. Today is about videos and virals! Lots of ideas have been drawn up to help us promote the show and whet the appetite of those who are keen to see our take on this very famous story! Marketing is integral and we are looking at strategies old and new to spread the word! If you go anywhere near the Union Theatre you will undoubtedly see a poster or flyer! Our twitter follower count is rising and tickets are already selling. We open in two months and three days (not that we are counting!!)

Keep checking back. If you would like posters/flyers to help us promote the show please email us at

Any one interested in auditioning please contact Adam Braham via the link on our website:


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