Morphic Graffiti, Part Two, and the “Satanic Mickey Mouse”

So what has been going on in the Morphic Production office since we started pre-production for Jekyll and Hyde?

Well the first, obvious aspect we needed to arrange has been the design. Obviously one of the most important parts of any theatre event is the poster image and creating a look for the show is critical. We discussed the obvious as well as the underlying themes for the production: good and evil (obviously!), medical science, morality, love, lust, relationships etc. Trying to avoid this sounding like an A-Level essay on the Jekyll and Hyde novel, we shall fast forward to what we came up with. Stewart, Luke and Mike (Mike Fraga our legendary computer whizz, web designer and photo shop wizard on a parallel with Harry Potter himself) sat on a sofa and thrashed out the final image. We may not have the budget of Dewynters or the brains of a leading marketing firm but we are, nonetheless, very proud of our image that we hope reflects some of the themes of Jekyll and Hyde. Have a look yourself and see if you can see the following: London, 2 faces of a split personality/the two women in Jekyll’s life, love (Eros the God of love), lust (a stripper), as well as the image of a skull x-ray in the background and a general look of a psychiatrist’s ambiguous image. Don’t worry if you don’t get all that. Just know that was where we were coming from!!

So with the poster image done, we contacted Spiff who laid out our flyers and posters with the result being what you see splattered across our website and posters and flyers! But fear not, the marketing has only just started and we will keep you posted on how everything develops.

What else has taken place so far in the production office of Jekyll and Hyde. “Plenty” is the answer. As I type, the breakdown for our Dr Jekyll/Edward Hyde has gone out this week via spotlight. It is the first stage of our casting process. All the ‘breakdowns’ have been written (descriptions of how we as a creative team see the roles being played, vocal ranges as well as age ranges for each role) and are ready to be sent out by the fabulous Adam at Adam Braham Casting. Adam has cast many shows at the Union already and is on board with us to bring our cast together! We will hopefully bring together 16 amazing performers to tell this story (nine guys/seven girls) so watch this space. We will blog about the whole process!!

The end of another week, and a week closer to opening night!! Highlight this week was hearing the orchestrations by Tom for “Take Me As I Am” and “Façade” (Goose bumps all round). Low-light of the week – there isn’t one thus far – everything is still very new and exciting and long may it stay that way.

Until next time ……..

Twitter: @morphicgraffiti


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