Morphic Graffiti, Blog One, and a lovely bunch of crazies!!

Ok. So this is it! Blog 1! Welcome to the Morphic Graffiti online blog. We will keep you updated on all things morphic and how we are going to bring the musical Jekyll and Hyde to life on stage at the Union Theatre in May!

So we have the venue, we have the rights to the show and we now have a fantastic team of people to help us create this very dark piece. Stewart Charlesworth and Luke Fredericks created Morphic Graffiti in 2011 with a view to creating fantastic theatre. We have put our money where our proverbial mouths are and have embarked on a journey of pure excitement and complete fear!

This journey started when both Stewart and Luke finished performing in panto at the start of 2012. Stewart had been giving his glitter clad genie in Reading and Luke had been Prince-ing it in Snow White in Devon. On returning from fairyland, they set to work on laying the foundations for Morphic Graffiti’s inaugural piece.  Are they crazy? Most probably yes, but nonetheless, they started to put out the feelers for willing crazies to join them and have done rather well.

We found an incredible West End Musical Director and alongside him as Assistant MD will be the fantastic Huw Evans, a recent graduate from Mountview where he studied Musical Direction. Completing our heavenly music trio is Tom Curran (winner of BBC Proms Young Composers Competition no less!) who has the mammoth job of re-orchestrating Jekyll and Hyde for a band of five! Yes, that’s right, five musicians!! “In the Union Theatre we hear you cry?!!” Well, we want to do justice to the music and so it would seem only fair to push the boundaries as far as we can!!

Working alongside Luke, who is directing the project, is the supremely talented Adam Murray. A performer himself, and currently UK Dance Supervisor for the London production of Wicked (Elphaba scream Aaaahhhhhhaaahhhhaahhhh!!), Adam will be responsible for the musical staging of Jekyll and Hyde.

Design work is being led by Stewart who has designed the set and is supported by the phenomenal Kingsley Hall (designer of the most recent all-male Gilbert and Sullivan hit at the Union Theatre – “Patience”). Our technical team is led by Sharon Calcutt  (huge breath to control excitement as Sharon is ‘God’ to all things technical in any theatrical situation) and Katherine Tippins is our Stage Manager extraordinaire, in charge of making sure that Jekyll becomes Hyde!

There are many more people involved, but we will introduce these as the blog continues. A list of names may get too much, and you will get to learn them as we discuss the fantastic work they have done and will no doubt be doing! So, with a team in place and a new production team embarking on a fabulous new production, that’s it, huh?! We wish! What has happened so far?

So much to say, but we will continue the blog in the next day or two to keep you posted. Check back. Loads of exciting things to come. Promise!!!

Luke and Stewart  x

Ps. Join us on twitter (@morphicgraffiti) or link up to our facebook page via the website:


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